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Reasons to block Adsense

Top 30 Reasons to get disabled form Adsense – Please post further ideas.

1.     No PP

2.     Copied Content

3.     Copied (any) Images

4.     Profanity – Porn – Guns – Illegal Stuff -

5.     Clicking your ads

6.     Getting a friend to click your ads

7.     Going to local internet cafe and clicking your own ads

8.     Sending emails to your 300 contacts asking then to click on your ads

9.     Asking to click my ads on a forum

10.  No original content

11.  Content copied from Wiki.

12.  Going on MySpace and asking people to click your ads

13.  As above – Face book – Twitter et al. (That’s posh Latin for ‘and others’)

14.  Ringing people and asking them to click an ad just to make sure
they are working.

15.  Writing about a subject (Investments – Share Trading) of which
you have no idea what your talking about.

16.  As above – No ‘Quality’ content.

17.  A web site that is like 1000’s of other web sites.

18.  Spamming your web address on forums.

19.  Starting 50 twitter sites and placing your Adsense site links

20.  Spamming your url on Utube

21.  Making Utube Videos asking people to click your ads

22.  Starting a blog asking people to click a link and then click your ads

23.  Clicking other peoples ads if they will click yours.

24.  Posting your non TOS Adsense webs site on the Adsense forum

25.  Asking stupid questions in the Adsense forum and drawing
attention to your site

26.  Using Adwords, Yahoo, Bing et al to drive traffic to your site

27.  Stuffing your site with Utube ads

28.  Stuffing your site with Free Games you do not own

29.  Stuffing your site with images you do not own

30.  Using Adsense on a site that is not finished – No or Broken links/pages.

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