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Daggubati Rana Naa Ishtam Movie Review

Daggubati Rana is desperately looking for a big hit! After acting in some Telugu films and a Hindi film, he is back with Naa Ishtam, a romantic comedy directed by Prakash Toleti and produced by Prachuri Keerti under the banner of United Movies. This is Rana's first commercial film.

Set in a backdrop of Malaysia, Naa Ishtam revolves around a practical, young event manager Ganesh (Daggubati Rana), who gives supreme importance to money. One day, he meets Krishnaveni (Genelia) at a temple where she is waiting for her fiancé Kishore (Harshvardhan Rane) to show up. In fact, Krishnaveni is a runaway from home and she eloped to Malaysia to get married with Kishore as her father (Nassar) was against their affair. To her surprise, Kishore fails to turn up. Krishnaveni is shocked, but Ganesh comes to her help.

Slowly, she becomes a financial burden for Ganesh. When he learns about her story, Genesh takes her to India and hands her over to her father, expecting a reward promised by her father. Soon, Ganesh realizes that her father is wicked and is forcing her to marry another guy. Then, he rescues her and brings her back to Malaysia. In the process, Ganesh predictably falls in love with her. But all of a sudden, Kishore turns up and asks for Krishnaveni. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Rana is apt for the role of a young, practical guy and is impressive at comedy, dance and fights scenes. However, he needs to improve his diction and mannerism. Genelia is gorgeous and she has done a good job within the limits as the actress hasn’t had much to perform. Nassar is good as usual and others fit in their respective roles well.

Coming to the technical aspects of the film, direction, screenplay, music and editing could have been even better. Cinematographer Venkat Prasad did a decent job, but failed to some extent to convince the audience that the story takes place in Malaysia. The music by Chakri ranges from average to good. Naa Ishtam has a decent storyline, but it suffers from the poor screenplay and weak direction. On the whole, Naa Ishtam disappoints and watch it for Rana and Genelia!

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