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Rachcha Movie Review

Expectations on Ram Charan Teja's Racha (also spelt Rachcha), directed by Sampath Nandi under the banner of Mega Super Good Films, were pretty high, since the film was touted to be the young actor's comeback film to mass entertainers in the backdrop of his unanticipated debacle Orange. Besides, the canvas was larger than life and there was no budget constraint for Racha. But does the film live up to the expectations? Let's see!

The film revolves around Betting Raj (Ram Charan Teja), an orphan adopted by a drunkard father (MS Narayana) and a doting homebound mother (Sudha). He earns his living by accepting challenges and winning outrageous bets. Once he takes up a bet with James (Ajmal) and wins the race by a whisker. Soon, Raj's father is diagnosed with liver sclerosis and the doctors say he needs a liver transplant costing 20 lakhs to live.

James comes to Raj's help, but he need to win a bet. James challenges Raj to win the heart of Chaitra (Tamannaah), daughter of a mafia don Ballari (Mukhesh Rushi). Raj accepts it for the prize money which will help him save his ailing stepfather. He has to get her to say "I love you" to him under a month to win the bet. Raju starts wooing Chaitra and but soon, things turn nothing what it seems like. He realizes there is more than his father's life at stake here.

Ram Charan Teja does a decent job of playing a complete mass character for the first time. However, his performance does not make us go wow! He tries hard nevertheless. He has experimented new dance steps and his performances for the title song and other tracks like ‘Dillaku dillaku...’ and ‘Singareni undi...’ are impressive. However, his dialogue modulation is not up to the mark. Tamannaah has nothing to do apart from providing the glamour quotient. Other artistes including Dev Gill, Mukesh Rushi, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam did justice to their roles. Nasser and Parthiban appear in guest roles.

The first half of Racha is entertaining with love and romantic track. The real story unfolds in the second half, and it is full of action and revenge drama. But the problem is that the storyline is too familiar for us and rehashed from films down the decades. At some places, the film lacks logic too. For instance, when Raj and Chaitra are on the run, they enter into a bamboo forest in China where they are attacked by the Chinese! This fight was not much of a value addition except to show that the filmmakers went all the way to China to shoot. The stunt sequences are another big let-down. There are too many of them, but none that really stand out.

Though the story is quite predictable, the ability of the director made it quite interesting. Especially, the way he penned the screenplay has to be appreciated. Mani Sharma has given excellent tunes to all the songs and the remix song ‘Vana vana....’ The choreography of songs too is worth praising. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is good and editing by Gauthamraju is adequate. Dialogues by Paruchuri Brothers are aimed at masses. All in all, Racha follows the age old formula of a revenge drama along with a love story. This potboiler is meant for the masses, especially Charan's fans, and for others, Rachha offers nothing.

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