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Ramdev In Bollywood

nlike unprecedented support for Hazare against corruption, majority of the Bollywood personalities have reacted in negative tone. Here are some of the examples of how the artists react:

Salman Khan said, Ramdev should " to his followers first and tell them not to give bribes". And he questioned the need for fasting.

Although supporting initially, Shabana Azmi has changed her voice and told that she has no interest in joining the guru Ramdev.

Bollywood suprestar Shah Rukh Khan has told that the protest is "politically motivated" and Ramdev is only planning to be active politically.

Baba Ramdev’s proposed agitation against corruption is not finding many takers in the film fraternity.

Ramdev told a huge gathering at the Ramlila ground in central Delhi, "Corrupt people have no religion, they are demons. All corrupt ministers should be given the death sentence."

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