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salman is known for a number of different girl friends

salman is known for a number of different girl friends and breakups. When somebody wants to talk to him about the problems in his relationships, he would always try his best to avoid such questions. But, recently he has admitted that the problem lies in himself.


He told, "I am a very difficult person to handle. I am to be blamed for all my breakups." At the same time, he told that all the girls in his past were great person. But, he also told that he has no immediate plan for an affair.

Here is what Sallu has to say: "All the girls that I have dated were very good. They not only looked beautiful but were also beautiful people. The problem lied with me."

Question arises, who opened his eyes? Is it somebody, a secret sweetheart? And, is Sallu is planning to settle down soon? Time will surely tell.

Affairs of Salman

Salman’s love affairs which started from Somi Ali, a Pakistani actress. Here is the list of all the affairs. After the recent breakup with Katrina, it is not known who will be his next sweetheart:

    Somi Ali
    Aishwarya Rai (During the shooting of Ham Dil Chuke Sanam – 3 years long affair)
    Kladia Sizzla (German model and actress)
    Katrina Kaif

These are only the long-term relationships. A lot of other short term affairs of Salman Khan (and rumors) could be heard from time to time in Bollywood but, non were confirmed.

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