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Shilpa Shetty says she is not pregnant and her marriage is not in trouble

n response to a rumors about problem in her married life and and about her pregnancy in various media, Shilpa Shetty has told that both of the rumors are untrue.

Shilpa also told that the rumor about her husband, Raj Kundra, having an affair with another lady is also not true.

Shilpa seemed angry with the media for spreading such false rumors. On July 4th Shilpa twitted:

    1st I hear am preggars(NOT true)Now I hear my husbands havin an affair frm the press.Common fr papers 2 stoop low 2 sensationalise false…

    False news!grrrrrr:( 4 the record,my husband and I are holidaying in USA and r very happily married.Sorry 2 burst the newspapers bubble":)

It seems Shilpa is a victim of false rumor and the media are ruining the vacation she is having in the US with her husband Raj Kundra.

I hope they will be living together forever and will give birth to some kids soon (if not now).

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